The Mull Drier

Don't use a tumble drier. For a family it can use as much C02 as driving an extra car. Instead get a Mull shieling drier, invented by my friends David and Moira Gracie.

Shieling self catering cottage


I have one of these fantastic inventions in my garden. It is a boon in many ways. One, it means that in general I don’t need to have washing lines across my lawn and the kids can actually play on it. Two, I use it to air things like sleeping bags after camping and I find I no longer need to wash them. Three, I can hang washing outside and forget about it without ending up with those crispy pants you get when your washing has been rained on. Before I went on holiday last, I hung a white washing in my drying tent and left it out for ten days. On my return, it was lovely, clean and sweet-smelling. Below is the website address for more information.