Seeing Rembrandt

A poem about encountering Rembrandt’s work on different occasions, in London, Amsterdam and Boston

Snowflakes in Summer

The summer after leaving for Uni They all came back, trailing clouds Of crazy hair and bad tattoos. The brought us new words: “Heteronormative”, “Post-democracy” Changing all, like snowflakes, which, When…

Lament for Eilidh MacLeod

Back in Scotland, on a visit to a friend in her 70s, She talked about two girls from Barra Who were caught up in the Manchester bombing She thought of…

I belong to Europe, by David Kyd

(To the tune of I belong to Glasgow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJwl9GLaUAU) I dinna belang to the Glaekit! I belong tae Europe Europe’s affa doon Since it got a kick in the Brexit…

A Sleepless Night

I composed this poem one night when I couldn’t sleep. It was also partly inspired by hearing about an ancient method of hunting where two or three hunters with only…

A Find

This poem is inspired by Burns Yard, a junk yard in East Lothian.


Hillwalking with my father, he would say: Take the slow way Over the shoulder of the hill. Follow the lie of the land.

White Out With Nuns

T his poem is one of the best-read things on my site.  A poem. White out with nuns.You coming?Swirling snowfall makes the world go blankUnnavigable nothingnessAnd through it, the silent…