A Midsummer’s NIght Dream by Beijing Film Academy

sensitively using aspects of the venue to create a changing dramatic space. The projections on the back wall did things like colour in the organ and draw attention to some carvings or hangings there. I never noticed a stone cherub blowing a bugle until it was suddenly spotlit towards the end. The wooden gallery seats were flecked with shadows to imitate a forest at night. And all the way through a projected spider was knitting and reading a book. This company was apparently responsible for lighting the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

So, there was much to admire though not perhaps the acting. Lots of shouting in Chinese and hammy sword fights. The end of the play looked more like Hamlet than Midsummer’s night dream. All in all, a crazy fringe experience. The tickets were on two for one at the venue, though not available at the half price booth. That is a mistake as the place was less than half full and I think they could do better.

Members of the Beijing Film Academy perform a routine from their ...