Newborn girl will return to parents of ‘obese family’ after ruling

The Times - October 23, 2009. A couple whose overweight children were taken into care by social workers are to be reunited with their newborn baby this week.


The girl, who was judged to be at risk because of the family’s obesity and other aspects of their lifestyle, will be allowed home as soon as she is well enough to leave hospital, which officials said was likely to be this weekend.

A hearing of the Children’s Panel had concluded earlier that an order preventing the family from taking the baby home from Ninewells Hospital in Dundee would be lifted.

The child’s father said: “My wife is absolutely over the moon, and I am really pleased and relieved too. We are going to have to give 110 percent to this and try and work with the social work department and the families project.”

He said that the five older children had been “very upset” to hear that the panel had ruled on Wednesday that they had to leave their family home and be taken into care. They will be picked up by social workers from school today.

Dundee City Council’s social services department yesterday refused to comment